Kansas City Warbirds B-25J...

Fairfax Ghost

  • Original Serial Number - AAF 44-86893
  • N6123C Purchased in Chino, CA on May 17, 1977

    Left Chino, CA June 12, with 461 gallons of fuel at 76.9 cents per gallon. Stopped in Prescott, AZ, then Windslow, AZ and arrived in Albuquerque, NM. The plane left Albuquerque on June 13, with 363 gallons of gas at 85 cents per gallon. Total flight time 7hrs 10 min. Flight to Kansas City, MO - Frank Howerton, Joe Tomczuk, Steve Hinton chief pilot, and one other member.

  • Kansas City Warbirds, Inc. was incorporated on May 24, 1977
  • Paint: F-10 Photo Reconnaissance Version
  • Nose Art Painted 1987 - by Kevin Lundy

    On June 17, 1993, Jim Zerkel and his son, Russ, flew the Fairfax Ghost to Mark Clark Courtesy Aircraft in Rockford, Illinois, to be put in the hands of a broker for sale. John Hunt and myself flew with the Ghost as Crew Members for it's final flight as a Kansas City Warbird.

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    B-25J Fairfax Ghost

    Picture above courtesy of Bob and Karen Rosenberger

    Membership List by Number:

    The Ghost Cockpit

  • Picture of the cockpit of the "Ghost"

    Nose on Take Off

  • Taking off from Richards Gebaur for the Joplin, Missouri Air Show

    Ghost N2

  • The Missouri country side with a view of number 2

    Ghost at Whiteman AFB, MO

  • Taxiing in for the Whiteman AFB, Missouri Air Show

    Walt Crews

  • Prop Maintenance: No one did it better than Walt Crews. He kept the props in high polished condition. You better have a clean rag in your hand when "pulling the props" before engine start.

    Travis Hoover

  • Travis Hoover, one remarkable man. He flew "Number 2" B-25 off the carrier USS Hornet for the Raid on Tokyo. I had the proud honor of flying in the B-25J with Travis at the controls over Joplin. What a great feeling knowing his history.


  • The story of the KC Warbirds is told in George Bauer's book, FAIRFAX GHOSTS: THE "BOMBER BUILDERS" AND OTHERS WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE. The other major part of this book tells the story of some 57,000 people who built 6,608 B-25s at the North American Aviation plant in Kansas City, Kansas, during World War II. A few "LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR ITEM" books are still available. Contact him at 913/782-8302 for further information or to order copies.

  • Where is the Fairfax Ghost today? In Austria...Click on the picture to see several more pictures of the newly restored B-25J. It's now the Red Bull.....