First update since 4 September 2009.  I think it’s about time.

Many changes to my hobbies.

First is the flight simulator project.  My plan was to build a Boeing 777 simulator but availability of room has left me with a single seat sim.  There is almost no option for me there.  I decided to make a big move to a different manufacture.  I found a really nice A320 single seat sim by Skalarki from the UK that I can make work in my studio.  It’s going to require a lot of changes but I think it can be done and still keep my other hobbies.

Second, my Amateur Radio Station.  I have gone from a rack system to a console rack system.  Have custom rack panels for my equipment.  In the future there will be pictures added.

Last my music stuff.  I have collected a lot but I have not had the time to take advantage of it.  Plan’s were mostly after retirement anyway.  As with all my hobbies get the items while I can before retirement.

I plan to start updating the site over the next few weeks when I can.  I have changed to a A320  section over the Boeing 777.  With MSFS 2020 simulation has taken on a whole new level of realism.


Larry W9XE

27 April 2021